GitNex is a free, open-source Android client for Git repository management tool Gitea. Gitea is a community managed fork of Gogs, lightweight code hosting solution written in Go.

Repositories / Organizations / Issues / PRs / File Browser / Diff view for Files

Create new repository under your own namespace or create new organization to create a repository under it. Create new issue, milestone and label in a repository. Comment on issues with markdown and emoji support.

Multiple Account Support

You can add as many accounts to the app as you wish. :)


GitNex has notifications built in, so you will not miss any critical issue / PR reply.

Markdown / Emoji Support

Markdown code and emoji rendering support.

Explore Repositories / Issues

You can explore(search) repositories or issues globally on your server or instance.

Repository Settings

You can edit repository properties, transfer a repository or just delete it.

View Branches / Commits / Milestones / Collaborators / Teams

View the branches, milestones and collaborators in list and grid view.


Download the latest APK from releases page or checkout the release notes.


Choose theme of your taste, change to your native language, choose between pretty and normal date & time and many more options.